Aurazcona Quartz + Selenite Intention Setting Smoke Bundle


For centuries, many groups of indigenous peoples, like the Native Americans and Incas, have burned medicinal plants in ceremonies and religious offerings to cleanse a person or space to promote healing and wisdom.  
Sage and Palo Santo can be burned as an act of purification or to achieve clarity of mind. It can also be used to clear away negativity, calm an angry atmosphere, or dispel any stagnant energy.  Smoke cleansing in combination with meditation and intention setting, is recommended for those who are seeking a new path in life or relationships.

SAGE & SELENITE - Clear The Space
To begin, take a deep breath and start with the intention to purify your space or your aura.  Light the tip of the sage wand and allow it to smoke.  Hold the selenite wand in one hand while you move the smoke sage with the other hand around yourself and/or your space.  Keep your focus on your intention to purify as you guide the smoke around.

CRYSTAL - To Set Intention
After your've burned the sage, bring yourself into a meditative state to deeply connect with yourself and your desires.  Hold the crystal in your hand while visualizing your intentions until you feel an energetic shift.  Once you've finished, carry the crystal around with your or place it somewhere safe around your home where you can see it to remind you of the work your've done and amplify your intentions.

PALO SANTO - To Promote Positivity
Finally, use the palo santo by lighting one end of the stick.  Allow it to burn briefly, then flow out the flame and let it smolder.  One stick can be used many times.  Light it daily to remind yourself of the intentions you've set with your crystal.

Due to the natural origin of crystals, there may be small imperfections on them.  Each crystal is carefully hand selected for it's beauty and aesthetics.