Interlocking Pyrite


Interlocking Pyrite from Navajun, Spain

Approximate Dimensions: H: 2.5 x W: 2.5 x L: 2.5”

The mineral pyrite is often referred to as Fool's Gold because its metallic luster and pale brassy hue give it a superficial resemblance to gold. It is commonly found throughout the world in many shapes and habits. The most sought after pieces naturally form in cubic shapes and pyritohedral clusters with great luster.

Interlocking Pyrite is a gorgeous metallic mineral that naturally forms into cubic crystal structures from the world famous Victoria Mine in Navajun, Spain. The cubes grow in an incredibly weak matrix, thus many of the interlocking clusters + pyrite cubes on matrix on the market today have been meticulously reassembled/repaired as they’re no longer being held together in the matrix they were pulled out from.