Pink Himalayan Quartz


Pink Himalayan Quartz with Hematite from the Himalayan Mountains

Approximate Dimensions: H: 4 x W: 11 x W: 7”

Himalayan Quartz is hand-collected in the highest of elevations of the Himalayan Mountains of India, hidden within the snowy glaciers deep within the Earth's crust.  It is world famous for it’s optical clarity, cathedral formations, and unique composition of points that intersect and run in all directions. These crystals are found in their natural state, with only a little brushing and water cleansing to remove the fine layers of dust and clay that had been coating them. Minor natural imperfections are not uncommon on the outer surfaces, and with a high content of other minerals and iron oxides, many of these Himalayan Quartz crystals are found in a variety of colors, from warm hues like pink and orange to cooler shades of green.
Pink Himalayan Quartz is well sought after because of large, clear, perfect pink crystals, which is not commonly found anywhere else in the world. The color is due to iron oxides found in the soil surrounding the crystals, which are often found either as a coating or internal inclusion on or within quartz.